45 Adapter Print


two new designs avaiblable now via the ART page: handprinted – and tailored zip bags as well as table cloth’es.

its a 3 colour print, sometimes, unintentionally, appears as a 3d design. the zippers of the bag vary in colour.

Bag Sizes: 21xcm 15cm
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Table Cloth: 68 cm x 35 cm
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Fanzine Number 8


Fettkakao Fanzine Number 8 (December 2017) out now!
Includes a talk between La Sabotage and Dora of Шапка (Schapka) & DIVES.

The Zine is for free (included with every order placed) and available in record stores and selected coffee shops around Vienna.

La Sabotage Video!

Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-12 um 19.48.50

brand new Video to La Sabotage’s song Rabengasse!

The 3D animation was made by Luis August Krawen who at times show a monumental sculptured version of La Sabotage.

please follow this link to view the video on YOUTUBE.



Right after Christmas, just before the very ending of 2017,  we are bringing together and celebrating this years recording artistes at the Nachtasyl in Wien.

please check out these 7″ Records by Kristy and the Kraks, Iv/an & La Sabotage:

La Sabotage – Rabengasse b/w Mad (fett042)
Iv/An – Zlatni Rez (fett044)
Kristy and the Kraks – Snakes On The Phone (fett043)

show takes place December 28, 2017 find the event here or on fa ebook



Formed in 2011, PRIESTS have proven a valuable force for strangeness in a city that is increasingly terraformed by norms. At a time when few groups were making serious moves beyond the Beltway, Priests toured throughout North America and Europe. More significantly, they’ve helped to raise the general standard of show-going at home through cassettes and singles released on Sister Polygon, including music by bands like Sneaks, Snail Mail, Pinkwash, Cigarette, Downtown Boys, and numerous Priests-affiliated groups like Gauche and Flasher. Still, even amidst thriving hometown creativity, Priests possess a singular gravity. They are physical and combustible, urgent and visceral.

La Sabotage, who have released their debut 7″ Rabengasse / Mad (fett042) earlier this year, will open up the evening.

Show takes place at the Rhiz Vienna, July 6, 2017, 9 PM
events: Facebook | Fettkakao
pre sales 12 € via WienXtra

ESCAPE-ISM (Ian Svenonius) & Lime Crush


Ian Svenonius will perform as Escape-Ism at Viennas Rhiz, June 18th! Author of The Psychic SovietSupernatural Strategies and Censorship Now!!, Svenonius is also hosting  Soft Focus, a Talk Show on VBS.TV / Noisey. Notable as the singer of various Washington, D.C.- based bands including Nation of Ulysses, Weird War, Felt Letters and Chain And The Gang - Ian just hit stages at this years Primavera Festival with the Make-Up!

The Lime Crush Group, with members Veronika Eberhart, Andi Dvořák, Nicoletta Hernández and Philipp Lampert will play as well.  Formed in 2013 , the Band has released two records w/ Fettkakao: the Graveyard 7″ and a split single w/ Alte Sau.

Disc Jockey Maurer*innenforelle Drehli Robnik will be introducing the evening;  Joie De Fille diving deep into the night.

NEW EP by Kristy and the Kraks!


We are very pleased to announce that Kristy and the Kraks are putting their upcoming E.P. Snakes On The Phone out with Fettkakao.

The Band is Touring from mid June on, presenting the EP in various neighbouring Cities.

You can listen to the song Ready via Soundcloud already, or stream the 7″ on the Bandcamp page!

T O U R D A T E S:
June 05 @ Sub, Graz w/ Street Eaters
June 17 @ Fluc, Wien (Record Release Show)
June 19 @ Klub Gromka, Ljubljana *
June 20 @ Elektropionir, Beograd *
June 21 @ Jazz Kocsma, Szeged *
June 22 @ Beat on The Brat, Budapest *
June 23 @ 007 Strahov, Praha *

Iv/An & Puff Pieces, Venster99

puff pieces

Puff Pieces perform May 25th at the Venster 99 in Wien.
Iv/An from Zagreb will present his current 7″  .

Based on their experiences in various now-defunct bands (Vertebrates, Antelope, E.D. Sedgwick, Supersystem), and long-term involvement in D.C.’s punk and noise scenes, Puff Pieces strives to destroy the bland hegemony of their city’s condo-crazed culture with a catchy mix of melody and nervous dissonance.
the Band has released a 7” and full length LP on Lovitt Records. info: Bandcamp, Pitchfork, AvClub, NRP

Zlatni Rez b/w Ovozemaljske Stvari by Iv/An

fett044 front sleeve (RGB 300 dpi)

7″ / Digital E.P. out now!

With his previous project I/II, Zagreb Artist Ivan Antunovic was releasing for the Viennese Label Totally Wired Records and his very own Imprint, Half Releases. After changing the name to Iv/An, Antunovic started to articulate some songs in  Croatian.
Zlatni Rez (the Golden Section) & Ovozemaljske Stvari (The Earthly Issues) is availble digitally (BandcampiTunesSpotify etc) and as a 7″! get yr copy from your favorite store around Vienna, us, Bandcamp or Discogs.

Iv/An live:

May 25th, 2017
Venster 99, Vienna supporting Puff Pieces
event link –> 1, 2


Toys That Kill, La Sabotage & DJ Ana Threat


Recess Records artist Toys That Kill are on tour in April again, playing a show at Venster99 in Vienna!

By the turn of the century, the San Pedro Band emerged out of F.Y.P –  Todd Congelliere‘s first (solo) project. With Sentimental Ward Toys That Kill have released their 5th Album, which came out in june 2016.

The show takes place April 8th. La Sabotage from Linz are opening up the evening and Ana Threat is doing the Saturday Night Punk DJ thing!

– event links –
facebook |fettkakao