Artist: Lime Crush
Format: 7" Vinyl, Digital
Number: fett054
Year: 2022
Recorded by: Werner Thenmayer
Mastered by: Martin Siewert
Photography: Pat Blashill
Layout: Veronika Eberhart, Patrick Anthofer

A1 Timewaster
B1 Téléphone
B2 Park

Personnel: Veronika Eberhart, Andi Dvořák, Philipp Lampert, Leno Gasser

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..3 new songs from Vienna. Following their “Sub Divide” LP from 2018, here’s more of their twanging joyful Alternative-Pop tunes, with nods to Teen Beat style Sixties Psychedelia and Twee-Pop. (Armin / X-Mist)

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