Ohrfeigenlandschaft / Lockdown Lovers

Artist: Goldkante
Format: 7" Vinyl, Digital
Number: fett053
Year: 2021
Recorded by: Andreas Breitwieser
Mastered by: Andreas Breitwieser
Cover Artwork: Doris Piritsch

Well, here it is, the first 7“ by Goldkante! A new band out of Vienna and Linz. The people (Mops – Guitar, Pezzy – Drums, Rainer – Voice, Martin – Bass, Voice) in Goldkante know each other for ages, have been in bands together or are in bands (laying low beause of the ****ing virus) together like Target Of Demand, 7 Sioux, Grant (Royal). Martin was in Kurort, easily one of the best bands ever (dis)gracing stages in Austria and elsewhere.

Being so close and familiar with each other for quite some time, as of now Goldkante have never been in a room as a band. Yet.

Many years ago Martin, Mops and Pezzy recorded some instrumental tracks in the KAPU, an important place for independent culture and music in Linz, Austria. Rediscovering these recordings Mops thought them too good to go silently into the night, asked Rainer if he´d like to do something with that, so Goldkante came into being.

„Ohrfeigenlandschaft“ started with one of those said recordings and was rearranged, with additional performances to fit the lyric, put together from lines from the novel „Schöne Tage“ by Franz Innerhofer, published in 1974. A terrific book about life in Austrias country side, a mind-shattering tale of inhuman cruelty and how people had to live. 

Mops came up with new music for „Lockdown Lovers“. Walking from his home in the 16th district of Vienna to Mops place for some recording, Rainer made up the words, reflecting living under the virus and especially saying „No!“ to the notion that anyone could want the world back as it was before. Face it, dudes and babies of all ages and genders, the world was clearly fucked way before the virus hit and no one with a clear mind could want or ask that turbo-greedy capitalist nightmare back, sorry! To mix up the desire to experience life as „normal“ or „good“ again with that idea – as is suggested almost everywhere – feels like a big mistake, a recipe for more ongoing disasters. The song also features a respectful tip to the hat for Crass and Egg Hunt by incorporating some of their words into the lyric.

The single cover is a painting by Doris Piritsch. Doris was close to Rainers family and passionately tought herself to paint, learing about it and doing it. As she also loved music, it seemed a good idea to use one of her paintings as a cover. Doris sadly passed on in November 2020.


7″ | digital available via Bandcamp