Fettkakao Fabric:
Hands, Small Zipper Bag

hand drawn design, screenprinted pattern carefully sewn into these little bags. the idea was to make a small pencil case – thats why we strenghten the inside with a ligh blue fabric as well.

the zippers vary in colour – most prints are green though.

€ 10 + €3,60 shipping within the European Union

€ 10 + € 6,30 shipping world


Fettkakao Fabric:
Andi Reenactment Bags

coloured & hand tailored fabric; every side another color from the primary colour range.
it has a pocket inside!

one bag costs €15 + shipping

(please drop me an email if you want to order one, thanks!)rgb4


Fettkakao Swim Box
in  3 

If not hiding in your AC‘d flat, summer is the time of the year to go to the nearest lake, sea or river that runs through town. in our experience the refreshments seller happens to be on the other side of the Danube. it takes a swim to get there – and to not wet your eurodollars we have ordered these, in these colors: Red, Yellow and Blue!

Fettkakao Swim Box Red °
€ 5 + shipping (€3,60 Europe)

Fettkakao Swim Box Yellow °
€ 5 + shipping (€3,60 Europe)

Fettkakao Swim Box Blue °
€ 5 + shipping (€3,60 Europe)

Fettkakao Swim Team (all three colors °°°):
€ 12 + shipping (€3,60 Europe)


(if you want to order – please write me a mail, thanks!)

Fettkakao Logo in Yellow, Red, Pink. Green, Blue and Orange.
more colours soon.

€ 1.00 / each


the Veronika Eberhart Set!
Plaided, Tirana, Lime Crush

€ 2,50 / three



D I S T R I B U T E D I T E M S 

Bad Weed – Hillside 7″ (Bachelor) € 6
(listen via Bandcamp)



NRFB – Trüffelbürste (majorlabel/ staatsakt), Vinyl LP € 12