Scorpio Scorpio

Artist: Cliquey Bitches
Format: 12" Vinyl, Digital
Number: fett051
Year: 2020
Recorded by: Mark Rains
Mastered by: Martin Siewert
Cover Artwork: Seth Bogart
Photography: Greg Velasquez, Denisse Rodarte, Coomers

Cliquey Bitches is a Los Angeles punky-pop supergroup brought to you by pals Seth Bogart (Hunx & His Punx, etc.), Alice Bag (The Bags, etc.), and Allison Wolfe (Bratmobile, etc.). In the summer of 2018, after filming a skit as a make-believe band for Seth Bogart’s World of Wonder TV series Feelin’ Fruity, the trio decided to create a project band for reals. Featuring Wolfe (Scorpio) on lead vocals, Bag (Scorpio) on keys and backing vocals, and Bogart (Pisces) on guitar and drum machine, Cliquey Bitches delivers melodic punky-pop narratives of lust gone wrong, game-playing big mouths, and straight-white-dude dominance in “alternative” music.

In October and November 2018, the project band recorded six songs with Mark Rains at Station House Studio in Echo Park. These songs comprise Cliquey Bitches’ Scorpio Scorpio EP debut on vinyl for Fettkakao.

12″ Vinyl LP | digital available via Bandcamp