Zlatni Rez / Ovozemaljske Stvari

Artist: IV/AN
Format: 7" Vinyl, Digital
Number: fett044
Year: 2017
Recorded by: Iv/An
Mastered by: Miroslav Piškulić
Cover Artwork: Franz Falckenhaus
Layout: Ivan Antunović

Zagreb Artist Ivan Antunović was releasing under the moniker I/II, for the Viennese Label Totally Wired Records, as well as on his very own imprint, Half Releases. After changing the name to Iv/An, Antunović started to articulate some songs in his mother tongue Croatian. Zlatni Rez (the Golden Section) & Ovozemaljske Stvari (The Earthly Issues) were the first recordings of this series.

7″ sold out.
digital e.p available via Bandcamp.