Playdate by Plaided
Artist: Plaided
Format: 12" Vinyl, Audio CD, Digital
Number: fett028
Year: 2012
Recorded by: Wolfgang Möstl
Mastered by: Martin Siewert
Photography: Veronika Eberhart
Layout: Patrick Anthofer

Playdate is like the one eyed wildcat on the cover: demanding and beautiful. Recorded in early 2012 – Veronika and Julia toured recorded extinsevely with this album. Playdate consists of 10 songs, including Freaks and Geeks and It is Over Toni. Just Friends and Lovers even came by to sing along to the song Boundaries during the recording session in Graz.

you can listen and purchase Playdate on CD, Vinyl and digitally on Bandcamp.

Hold On Tight || VIDEO

Audio CD, €10 + postage: