Hungover Kingdom

Artist: Seven Sioux
Format: 12" Vinyl, Digital
Number: fett011
Year: 2008
Recorded by: Darth Fader
Photography: Peter Hofstätter
Layout: Andreas Breitwieser

Seven Sioux’s 3rd Album since its reunion. Janie J. Jones (aka as Peter Hein) of Fehlfarben joins Rainer Krispel on Vocals.

1) Hungover Kingdom
2) Harley (feat Janie J. Jones aka Peter Hein)
3) Dogs and Birds
4) Joesong 2 (feat Janie J. Jones aka Peter Hein)
5) Oh, The Final Things
6) Wellfare Gravemarker
7) Cheating Song
8) Stupid Little Hearts
9) Lonely Boy
10) Good Good Good- Will

you can listen to Hungover Kingdom via Bandcamp.