Fettkakao Sampler 2014

Artist: Various
Format: 12" Vinyl, Audio CD, Digital, Cassette
Number: fett035
Year: 2014
Mastered by: Martin Siewert
Cover Artwork: Andi Dvořák
Layout: Patrick Anthofer

The Fettkakao Sampler 2014 (fett035) – is available on CD, Vinyl and digitally.
Wilhelm Show Me The Major Label released a tape version (sold out).
Almost all of the 12 artistes appearing on the compilation contributed previously unreleased material.

artists/songs on the compilation:

Beach Girls and the Monster Butcher From The Surf Just Friends and Lovers Showdown Bad Weed Show Me What You Got Dot Dash Evil Les Trucs Fuchs Frisst Weltraum Mile Me Deaf  Vietnam Air Stefanie Sourial Everybody Else and my Metronom Tirana Window Shopping Goldsoundz Cat Phone Brooke’s Bedroom The Comfort of Furniture Armin Lorenz Eyes Wide Shut Crazy Bitch In A Cave Masquerade (Infite Palace Remix)

Beach Girls and the Monster, Butcher From The Surf | Video
Just Friends and Lovers, Showdown | Video


Available on Vinyl, Compact Disc and digitally on Bandcamp.