Les Trucs 7″ e.p.

Les Trucs have a new 7″ (fett037) out november 19th, 2014, it contains the songs  Zur Situation von Konstruktionen b/w Let Mots Ètranges. the release will be presented at the Bach (Fisch-Fest); you can listen to the a-side of the record via soundcloud, or watch the video to it via youtube!

Les Trucs on Tour:

November 13 Berlin, Giesmühle
November 14 Flensburg, Kühlhaus
November 15 Bamberg, Juz
November 18 Passau, Freiraum
November 19 Wien, das Bach ++
November 20 Graz, Sub ++
November 21 Wolfsberg, Container 25 ++
November 22 Kremsmünster, Juz Mukuku ++

++ w/ Lime Crush