Iv/An – Prvo Lice Množine b/w J.R.K. 7″ (fett049)

After Zlatni Rez / Ovozemaljske Stvari (fett044) and Sloboda Kretanja / Umorna Lica (fett048) Iv/An ‘s third release, Prvo Lice Množine / JRK (fett049) will be available as a 7″ on Vinyl as well as digitally, on Febuary 14th, 2020.

“Prvo lice množine” (“First person plural”) refers to the dystopian novel “We” by Russian science fiction author Yevgeny Zamyatin; on the flip, “J. R. K.” is written and recorded in the memory of Josip Reihl-Kir – the heroic peacemaker and the voice of reason, whose name for years remained obscure.

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Kolaž: Franz Falckenhaus