Fettkakao Sampler 2014

the 2nd Fettkakao Compilation is out this friday, March 23rd.

it features artistes around the label – but mostly people i work with on a regular basis – or just encountered at a moment; people i find interesing, friends. as always: i try to hold on to a moment for a little longer by capturing it.

the sampler presentation takes place at the Transformer (Transporter) in the afternoon – with a buffet and a DJ line featuring FKK artistes. at the evening we will have a show & party at the Rhiz w/ the Bands Beach Girls and the Monster, Brooke’s Bedroom and Dot Dash. Patrick, who helped me with the cover, and me will Disc Jockey.

liten to the sampler on bandcamp; you can purchase Vinyl + CD already via mailorder.