Record release show, Prvo Lice Množine / JRK

Record release show, Prvo Lice Množine / JRK

Date: 14/03/2020 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Venue: SSTR 6, Schönbrunnerstraße 6, 1040 Wien


“After giving it much thought during these last few days, it is decided our little DJ set / release show will be postponed for the time being, due to the powers that be.

Sadly the situation with COVID-19 at the moment continues to worry – therefore out of growing concern about those close and dear to us, we should avoid any potential risks, understand and not take it for granted – and hope this horrific situation will soon return to “normal” by not taking more casualties from what’s already a horrifyingly black statistic worldwide.

Take care folks, stay calm and stay strong. See you soon.” – Ivan Antunovic


Record release show of Prvo Lice Množine b/w J.R.K:

DJ set (Iv/An) at Sissysound Record Store 6PM
Live show by Iv/An at SSTR6 8PM!
March 14th 2020, Wien.

Poster by Ivan Antunovic