picture: Cordula Thym



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Tirana’s first appearnce was on the Fettkakao Sampler 2011 with her song Red Hills. Cordula Thym recorded it at the Rosa Lila Villa in Vienna. it was in a kind of a rush, as Veronika just came up with the idea to add a song to the Sampler as a solo artist. after the compilation was released people were wondering who the person behind Tirana could be – and we were keeping it like a secret.


Artist on other Releases:
A Thousand Fuegos – A Thousand Fuegos LP (fett010), 2008
Ilsebill – Ilsebill 7″ (fett012) 2009
Plaided – People Lying Around in Dirt Every Day 7″ (fett019) 2010
Fettkakao Sampler 2011 CD (fett022) 2011
Plaided – Playdate LP, CD (fett028) 2012
Fettkakao Sampler 2014 CD,LP (fett035) 2014
Lime Crush – Lime Crush 7″, DI (fett038) 2015