Crazy Bitch In A Cave

picture taken by Patrick S. Weber



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Crazy Bitch In A Cave is not new to the label. he has been playing freaksynths on the first Brooke’s Bedroom 12″ in 2008, and was producing the Albino Rabbits e.p. by Brooke’s Bedroom as well. Crazy Bitch In A Cave’s first appearance on a fettkakao record was on the Fettkakao Sampler 2011.

Crazy Bitch in A Cave has released  On Top – a maxi 12″ and and album called Particles on the viennese queer feminist label Comfortzone. he was – from the very begining – traveling to various festivals and showcases, art shows and parties to cities like Los Angeles, Berlin, New York and Steyr.

the very first release on fettkakao is called Rear-View Mirror and will be available from November 14th on.