New 45 Bags <3

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45 & Book Bag!

Your 15 year anniversary nonsense: a bag with the classic primary color fabric-screenprint (none of them looks like the other, some examples are really out there) – each individually sewn. The idea was to have a bag which fits some of your 45s (this still being our favorite format). Also: we made some slightly bigger ones for books!

please contact andi if interested!

21cm x 21cm Singlebag € 15 EUROPE

21cm x 21cm Singlebag € 15 WORLD

21cm x 26cm Bookbag € 15 EUROPE

21cm x 26cm Bookbag € 15 WORLD

Fettkakao Swim Box

Summer is the time of the year to go to the nearest lake, sea or river that runs through town. in our experience the refreshments seller happens to be on the other side of the Danube. it takes a swim to get there – and to not wet your eurodollars we have ordered swim boxes, in these colors: Red, Yellow and Blue!

1piece 3.00 € / all 3c 5.00 €


Fettkakao Logo in Yellow, Red, Pink. Green, Blue and Orange.
more colours soon.

€ 1.00 / each