Days In Favoriten

artwork by Christian Tanzer
Artist: 8 Hours Manatee
Format: 10" Vinyl
Number: fett003
Year: 2005
Recorded by: Christian Tanzer
Mastered by: Toxic
Cover Artwork: Christian Tanzer

6 Songs from the “Days in Favoriten” Session 8 Hours Manatee recorded on the A Side of a 90 Minute long Casette in 2005. Pressed on white Vinyl. the record comes with a screenprinted cover, limited to 275 pieces.

A1) Life Is Weird
A2) Rodar Siempre
A3) A Day Under Water
B1) One Week Berlin
B2) Comb Your Dirty Hair
B3) Days Get Darker Again

you can listen to Days In Favoriten via Bandcamp.

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