A Thousand Fuegos

picture by Andi Dvorak
picture by Andi Dvorak


Cover Art By Matthias PeykerCover Art: Lena Göbelcover art: Matthias Peykerart: Matthias Peyker


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Emerged from the very south of Austria, Matthias came to Vienna and completed this microcosm w/ having been part of the Go Die Big City! and Paper Bird live show.
And not only did he play Guitar and Glockenspiel for friends, he was also drawing them their Covers :Vortex Rex 7″, Go Die Big City! 7″ Spoenk CD etc.

The music he does is called A Thousand Fuegos.


artist appears on other Releases:

Fettkakao Sampler 2011 (fett022) 2011
Vortex Rex – Powermess LP/ CD (fett005) 2006


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