Snakes On The Phone


Kristy And The Kraks, affectionately known as the two-headed love child of Kate Kristal and Ana Threat, are wreaking havoc on the sensibilities of unsuspecting analog lovers, club kids, and vinyl freaks from Vienna to Chicago. Bristling with handfuls of vipers, ripped-out telephone cords, haywire guitar strings, strangulated utterances, and femme fatale crash & flash, KATK have elevated CAVE-GIRL garage anthems to a new level of sleek ULTRA TRASH AuGoGo.


Tav Falco, 2017

Zlatni Rez / Ovozemaljske Stvari

fett044 front sleeve (RGB 300 dpi)

With his previous project I/II, Zagreb Artist Ivan Antunovic was releasing for the Viennese Label Totally Wired Records and his very own Imprint, Half Releases. After changing the name to Iv/An, Antunovic started to articulate some songs in his mother tongue Croatian.Zlatni Rez (the Golden Section) & Ovozemaljske Stvari (The Earthly Issues) were recorded by Iv/An last year.

listen to Zlatni Rez on Soundcloud
7″ e.p. and Stream available via Bandcamp

Rabengasse / Mad


The 7“ single consists of two earlier songs – now rerecorded and for the first time available on Vinyl (and also Digitally!)

Listen to Mad via soundcloud.
Stream; purchase vinyl or their ep digitally via Bandcamp.

Lime Crush / Alte Sau Split


Alte Sau
Becki Hat Ein Pferd | soundcloud

Lime Crush
Never | soundcloud

get the 7″ & digital e.p. via bandcamp,
the e.p. is distributed by K Records in the U.S.
–> K Records Store

or simply via these buttons:

Cry Baby

WEB cover-digital-fett040

debut e.p. by Cry Baby, out 4th of July.

Coffee on soundcloud.
Cry Baby e.p. on bandcamp.

Dubais – Bad Person


Dubais is the Arabfuturist, lo-fi, dark disco project of Nadia Buyse.

A) I Don’t Wanna Die (I’m Going to Kill You)
B) I’m No Good (featuring Hell Books)

Distribution USA || K Records

Bad Person ||bandcamp
I Don’t Wanna Die (I’m Going To Kill You) ||soundcloud

Lime Crush


3 short punk songs.

Graveyard || Soundcloud
E .  P  . || Bandcamp

Les Trucs

cover front

Zur Situation Von Konstruktionen b/w Les Mots Ètranges is Les Trucs first 7″ on fettkakao.  well – at least a very own 45. they have had a split out in 2010 w/ Sex Jams and contributed a song to the last Fettkakao compilation that was released early this year.

i am a fanatic from the first time i have seen them perform. i like their everchanging ways – from the high energetic Hardcore tracks to the Electro Operas Les Trucs produce.

Zur Situation Von Konstruktionen via Bandcamp

Dot Dash


almost all Dot Dash members are involved with Totally Wired, a hot and very active  new label in vienna. plus: all members are involved with various other groups on and around Totally Wired as well.

Dot Dash have two albums out already.

the 7″ features 2 songs: Seasick (a) and Slide (b) – both a pleasure.

Seasick || V I D E O
Dot Dash || Bandcamp



Fettkakao Sampler 2014


the 2nd Compilation – the Fettkakao Sampler 2014 (fett035) – is available on CD, Vinyl and digitally.
Wilhelm Show Me The Major Label released a Tape version.
12 artistes around – not neceserally on the label – contributed, almost all of them, previously unreleased material.

artists/songs on the compilation:

Beach Girls and the Monster Butcher From The Surf Just Friends and Lovers Showdown Bad Weed Show Me What You Got Dot Dash Evil Les Trucs Fuchs Frisst Weltraum Mile Me Deaf  Vietnam Air Stefanie Sourial Everybody Else and my Metronom Tirana Window Shopping Goldsoundz Cat Phone Brooke’s Bedroom The Comfort of Furniture Armin Lorenz Eyes Wide Shut Crazy Bitch In A Cave Masquerade (Infite Palace Remix)

you can listen to the compilation here, on Bandcamp.

Beach Girls and the Monster, Butcher From The Surf | Video
Just Friends and Lovers, Showdown | Video