Dubais And The Wolfs

Dubais and  “Allison Wolfe, Steve Dore and Philipp Hucknall are THE WOLFS… the most exciting band you’ve never seen!

Dubais And The Wolfs, 7″  – Dummy b/w Blowhard (fett045) is out April 8, 2018.

listen to the B – Side Blowhard here, on Soundcloud:

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The 7″ Singles were cut at Vinylogrpah, SSTR6 – and are available in limited quantity.

Kristy and the Kraks

Kristy And The Kraks, affectionately known as the two-headed love child of Kate Kristal and Ana Threat, are wreaking havoc on the sensibilities of unsuspecting analog lovers, club kids, and vinyl freaks from Vienna to Chicago. Bristling with handfuls of vipers, ripped-out telephone cords, haywire guitar strings, strangulated utterances, and femme fatale crash & flash, KATK have elevated CAVE-GIRL garage anthems to a new level of sleek ULTRA TRASH AuGoGo.

Tav Falco, 2017


(Picture by Dominik Danner)


Ivan Antunovic used to release under the moniker I/II, for Totally Wired and Half Releases.
As for now, he is performing as Iv/An.
The songs on all three 7″ Records are in Croatian.

Zlatni Rez / Ovozemaljske Stvari  is available on 7″ and digialy via bandcamp.
Sloboda Kretanja / Umorna Lica is now also availabe on 7″ /digitaly on Bandcamp
Prvo Lice Množine / JRK will be available on 7″ and digialy from Febuary 14, 2020 on.




La Sabotage

Sidesteping the idea of musical genres, the young trio followed their unprejudiced way into making music.

How they found their name? Sabotage in french comes with a male pronoun, so the proper way would be Le Sabotage – but for the Band La Sabotage made even more sense: Female Sabotage!




Alte Sau

Alte Sau from Hamburg are Rebecca Oehms, Raoul Doré & Jens Rachut.


Cry Baby

„Melody Smash“ that’s what the 4-piece band Cry baby could call their output – a blend of punk, pop and tropical.

Cry Baby are Nicoletta Hernández, Agnes Aye, Marti Farti and Minki Mumu.


DUBAIS is the Arabfuturist, lo-fi, dark disco project of Nadia Buyse.
Nadia is a transdisciplinary international performance artist, cultural activist, and musician.

Using the tropes of Pop music, DUBAIS make conceptual critiques about displacement, Utopia, diaspora, and the post identity complex. She utilizes multimedia strategies like live and pre-taped video, digital composition, dance and movement, with an emphasis, or rather a particular fascination with, consumer products like cell phones and lo-fi recordings.



Lime Crush

Lime Crush was formed in December 2013. The Group has released 1 EP (2015), a split 7″ with Alte Sau (2016) from Hamburg  as well as an Album called Sub Divide (2018).

Adorable mutant of Teen Beat, X-Ray Spex, Shonen Knife and Die Tödliche Doris with a youthful touch of green, yellow and fresh. Grab and sing your life!!” -Half Releases, Zagreb


Dot Dash

after 2 LPs (with continous sides) on Totally Wired – the band is taking a 7″ break with fettkakao. the ep. consists of two hit songs – Seasick and Slide – and is out August 21st.


Artist on other Releases:
Fettkakao Sampler 2014 (fett035) LP, CD, Tape, Digital


Crazy Bitch In A Cave

Crazy Bitch In A Cave is not new to the label. he has been playing freaksynths on the first Brooke’s Bedroom 12″ in 2008, and was producing the Albino Rabbits e.p. by Brooke’s Bedroom as well. Crazy Bitch In A Cave’s first appearance on a fettkakao record was on the Fettkakao Sampler 2011.

Crazy Bitch in A Cave has released  On Top – a maxi 12″ and and album called Particles on the viennese queer feminist label Comfortzone. he was – from the very begining – traveling to various festivals and showcases, art shows and parties to cities like Los Angeles, Berlin, New York and Steyr.

the very first release on fettkakao is called Rear-View Mirror and will be available from November 14th on.